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Test report from Chinese shoe factory

Time: 2018-11-02

Test Time:30th, Sep,2018

1, Rubber Shoe Sole Mold
Make modification on the old compression mold of size 40, increased one Cover Plate and coupled with the Injection Gate and Runners.

2, Rubber Material
The material comes from customer, the Curing Curve is as below:
Test Temperature:155℃      T10:1.51分       T90:3.15分

3,Compare between LRS-165 and Compression machine:
1.Test 1:Same material and Mold

Shoe Sole Mold

Same, only increased the injection runner

Rubber Material

Same,NBR from the shoe factory




Injection Machine

Rubber Shoe Sole

Compression Machine


Curing Temperature




Curing Pressure




Curing Time

180 second

350 second


Shoe Sole Weight




Abrasion Resistance



2.Test 2:Foaming Rubber Testing
LRS-165 can also produce the foaming rubber, the weight of the final products is 526g, reduced 13% of the weight than the samples from the shoe factory.

4, Test Result Analysis
1.At least 50% of the Labor cost saved
The curing time of LRS165 is only a half of the shoe sole compression machine;
The workers only need to take out the finished products, no skill requirements.
One worker can easily operate 2-3 machines( 4-6molds)

2.Save 70g rubber material for each pair of shoe sole
Reason: When using the compression machine, the rubber material is weighed and sheared manually. In order to full fill the mold cavities, the workers usually will put more material on the mold. Otherwise the shortage will cause defective.
The LRS165 rubber shoe sole injection machine is fully automated, the feeding and weighing process will be controlled by the PLC, and the accuracy will reach to 1 gram in 300g. When we sheared the middle line of the shoe soles, the thickness of LRS165 samples were symmetrical and thinner than the compression machine samples.
3. The Abrasion Resistance performance improved a lot, from 120 to 90(The Test report comes from the shoe factory)
  Reason: The Injection Technology and big Clamping Pressure Force greatly improved the uniform thickness and high density of the rubber shoe soles. High precise temperature control strictly follows the direction to technical requirements of the Vulcanization Curve.
4. Reduce the invest of the shoe molds
  Reason: The shoe sole factories should have to increase the mold numbers in order to rush the urgent orders. But when the efficiency improves, it will help to reduce the molds investment.

5. Enhance the shoe sole quality
  Reason: Automatic and precise Rubber Weighing, Uniform Thickness of the shoe sole, and high precision control of the Temperature, Pressure and Curing Time.
The rubber shoe soles made in LRS165 have better

6. Promote the company Brand Image
  Reason: High-level and Automatic equipment, Superior Working Condition, Efficient Production, High quality products.

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